Twin State Flyers
EAA Chapter 740
W. Lebanon NH 03784

About Chapter 740

Our Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association is dedicated to the advancement of the ideals of safe and fun aviation pursuits and the sharing of aviation knowledge to help enthusiasts realize their dreams of flight. We are located in western New Hampshire and our membership spans several states, including many towns in New Hampshire, in Vermont, to as far as Michigan. See the Events Calendar for current information.

Guests are always welcome and are encouraged to attend. Come meet your fellow pilots and aviation buffs!!!

The Twin State Flyers Inc. was chartered in 1981 as a local Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association. It is dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of sport aviation and operated as a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of New Hampshire. Regular monthly meetings from October to May are held on the second Tuesday of each month at Signal Aviation Services building at the Lebanon Municipal Airport, West Lebanon, NH at 7 pm, unless otherwise noted in the Chapter newsletter or on the meeting notice page of this website. After a short business meeting, the program usually consists of a speaker involved in aviation in the area as determined by the program chairman. Refreshments are always served. June to September meetings usually consist of a barbecue at the Lebanon Municipal airport, in West Lebanon, New Hampshire at a member's hangar.

Directors meetings occur at the discretion of the Chapter president. The time and place are announced at Chapter meetings and on the website. Any Chapter member is welcome to attend.

The Chapter usually sponsors a Spring fly-in during the month of June at one of the local airports. Occasionally, additional events are organized. Fly-outs to other EAA events, airshows, and breakfasts are sometimes organized on weekends and are always encouraged.

Many members are owners of aircraft. These aircraft include ultralights, homebuilt aircraft, antique/classic, warbird trainers, a motorglider, several aerobatic aircraft, and factory built models. There are examples of each in flying status, as well as under construction, within the Chapter.

Dues are $24 per year, and Chapter members are required to belong to the Experimental Aircraft Association, or EAA. Members will receive a monthly newsletter, a copy of Chapter bylaws, and a roster. All members have free access to Chapter videos and technical library. An EAA Tech Counselor and EAA Flight Advisor are members of the Chapter.

If you wish to become a member of EAA Chapter 740, please complete the attached application and forward, with dues payment, to PO Box 5530, West Lebanon, NH 03784, or attend any Chapter meeting. Any questions, please call:

Andreas Bentz, Chapter President, 603-643-4124, email:

Dino Vlahakis, membership chairman, 603-448-3729 email:

Twin State Flyers Inc. welcomes those interested in membership to attend a meeting as a guest. If interested, please contact any of the Chapter officers from the homepage, or attend as the guest of a current member.