I. Resource Selectors - Web sites that, like "Russia on the Web," lead you to a variety of Web information and sites. Updated December 29, 2001.
II. News
III. List Servers & Newsgroups
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Russia World - A lively web access for   political and economic questions. Includes news, discussion, chat.

Russia on the Internet - Vladimir Gurov shows a sure touch in the
Russia-connected links he's assembled here.

Sher's Russian Index - Probably the most complete selection of links to Russia-related sites. Hundreds of links in countless categories.

Dazhdbog's Grandchildren - If there's a more charming page on the Web, we have yet to find it. Its creator, Sergei Naoumov, is a Russian graduate student in astrophysics at the University of North Carolina. But his real calling seems to be writing, in fractured English, about his homeland and taking you to countless Russia-related web sites. He provides helpful notes on Cyrillic software.

Friends and Partners - Greg and Natasha's friendship has blossomed into this wonderful information system for all kinds of connections between the US and Russia. Also makes connections with other countries of the former USSR. Offers a related e-mail list server. Managed by Greg Cole and Natasha Bulashova.

Little Russia in San Antonio, TX - An imaginative and colorful introduction to all things Russian created by Vladimir Pekkel. Great graphics!

Russian Page- Victoria - Lovingly prepared by the Russian community in Victoria, Australia, this page proves that you don't have to be close to Moscow to set out on a Russian adventure.

SovInformBureau - Vadim Maslov at the University of Maryland has compiled this extensive access to web pages, ftp sites and information on Russia-related software.

Russian Online Resources, University of Edinburgh - The University's Department of Russian maintains this fine list of Russian Web resources.

The WWW Virtual Library: Russian and East European Studies - The University of Pittsburgh provides one of the most comprehensive accesses to the Web.

UT-REENIC Home Page - University of Texas at Austin Russian and East European Network Information Center is what those cryptic letters stand for at this very useful site.

N.Zh.M.D. - This page, in Russian only, calls attention to the best WWW sites about Russia and related topics. It offers many interesting resources - wordplay, pictures, postcards, posters, and various collections.

Russian Resources - Compiled by Vladimir Pekkel.

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Russia Today - A service of The European Information Network, this is one of the very best news sources.

Moscow Times - Catch up on the news as reported by Moscow's most respected English-language newspaper.

Russian Story - At this remarkable site you can download the front pages, or even whole issues, of over 25 of Russia's most important daily and weekly newspapers. Much is free, and the charges are modest for whole issues. A well-organized access to the best Russian journalism.

Institute for Journalism in Transition - Here you can read their journal "Transitions," and access other resources for journalists concerned with Russia and Eastern Europe.

The Monitor - A daily digest of news from Russia and other nations of the former Soviet Union. At this site you can see "The Monitor," published by the Jamestown Foundation, or subscribe to it via e-mail.

News From Russia - General news provided by Radio Free Europe.

GlasNews - Current news from Russia, in a quarterly Internet publication.

InterFax News Agency - A sampling of articles from one of Russia's leading news agencies.

Russia-On-Line: Network news and media - A news service from the Russian Sovam Teleport

Info-Press Web Home Page - A Russian-language Web newspaper which is based in Los Angeles.

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List Servers

Friends and Partners List - This is a moderated e-mail forum where you can provide information or ask questions relating to Russian-American connections or connections with other countries of the former USSR. To subscribe, send e-mail with subject line blank and following text in body of message: subscribe friends Yourfirstname Yourlastname

H-Russia - Home page for a list server devoted to past and current Russian history. Here you can get details on subscribing to their moderated e-mail list. - This list provides a forum on the economies of Russia and other nations of the former Soviet Union. To subscribe, send e-mail with subject line blank and following text in body of message: subscribe eurasia-l - A list server that provides a forum on the state of the media in Russia and other nations of the former Soviet Union. To subscribe, send e-mail with following text in body of message: subscribe fsumedia Yourfirstname Yourlastname - This list provides information on doing business in Russia and other nations of the former Soviet Union (as well as in Eastern Europe). To subscribe, send e-mail with following text in body of message: subscribe e-europe Yourfirstname Yourlastname

listserv@uhccvm.bitnet - This list is for discussion of Russian and Eastern European theatre and drama. To subscribe, send e-mail with an empty subject line and following text in body of message: subrussthea Yourfirstname Yourlastname


Newsgroup: - Current dispatches from Reuters news agency.

The following three newsgroups offer wide-open unmonitored chat on Russia-related subjects:

Newsgroup: alt.current-events.russia

Newsgroup: soc.culture.soviet

Newsgroup: soc.culture.russian

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Magellan - Home page for this search engine that also reviews sites.

Alta Vista - A search engine that can find subjects the others often can't.

Russia Listings by Yahoo - Provided by one of the most widely-used Web searchers.


Starting Point

InfoSeek Net Search

InfoSeek Net Search Results: russia

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Several of the listings below are also listed on other sections of this site under specific subject headings, such as "Culture & Art." They are grouped here for persons who wish to concentrate on sites maintained in Russia. In addition, all our "Education" sites originate in Russia.

Russia On the Net - A  comprehensive Internet guide to Russia offered by the Demos Company, Russia's leading network provider. The two sites "Russia on the Net" (based in Russia) and "Russia on the Web" (based in the US) are cooperating to create related and crosslinked sites.

Magazines & Newspapers in Russia - Web sites of the principal journals, many with English pages, as provided by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Russian Cities on the Web - A complete guide to all Russian cities with web pages.

Russia-On-Line Home Page - An access to Russia provided by Moscow-based Sovam Teleport.

Contents of Relcom WWW - Moscow's Relcom corporation provides this home page with access to a variety of Russian services.

Window-to-Russia Home Page - The Relcom corporation's access to Russian web sites.

WWW-server Elvis+ Page - A searchable index to Russian web sites in English and Russian.

Moscow State University Main HTTP Server - Besides information on MGU, this site leads to a university newletter "Univuz."

List of Russian WWW-servers - A comprehensive list prepared by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Academy of Science, Information and Publishing Department - The Russian Academy of Science Informational & Publishing Sector's page provides access to a variety of Russian sites.

St Petersburg Web Home Page - Petersburg seems to be one of the first Russian cities to create an illustrated home page.

GlasNet Home Page

Institute for commercial engineering - Welcome page

Russian WWW Servers


I. Organizations
II. Funding Sources


Center for Civil Society International - An international clearinghouse for a continent-wide engagement of private and local organizations to establish direct links with counterpart organizations in the former USSR.

Friends and Partners - Greg Cole (US) and Natasha Bulashova (Russia) pioneered in creating this first Russia-West Internet joint project.

Project Harmony, Inc. - A non-profit organization which facilitates international cultural, musical and teacher exchanges between the USA and Russia (as well as other countries of the CIS).

The Transnational Institute - The sponsor of "Russia on the Web" has also conducted East-West exchange programs and conferences since 1981.


The Eurasia Foundation - This private organization, begun with US government funding, specializes in funding smaller projects related to Russia and other CIS countries.

IREX - The International Research and Exchanges Board is the leading sponsor of East-West scholarly exchanges. Recently it has begun a project to enhance Internet access to NIS countries.

Sources for Funding in NIS -World Learning's compilation of funding sources for projects in the Newly Independent States.

United States Information Agency - Funds a great variety of Russia-US exchange projects. (For example, The Transnational Institute's Business Management Seminars in Russia.)

US Agency for International Development - Probably the most important source for funding large East-West projects.


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