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All Regions of Russia by Pictures - Tour Russia and Russian architecture via the pictures on this very rich and highly-developed site. Among many resources is an index of photos of churches and monasteries in Moscow and suburbs. Maintained by Mikhail Soutchanski.

Russian Cities on the Web - A comprehensive guide to all Russian cities with web pages, prepared in Russia. In Russian and English.

Slavic Review - Quarterly journal of the AAASS (American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies).

A Yellow Pages for St. Petersburg - Handbook and guide with 9,000addresses, telephone #s, faxes, hours, and descriptions for restaurants, hotels, art galleries, museums, business services, government and 500 more categories many with essays. Prepared in the US. Updated regularly.







Moscow State University Main HTTP Server - In Russian and English.

Novgorod State University - In Russian and English.

 Novosibirsk State Technical University - In Russian and English.

St. Petersburg State Technical University - In Russian and English.







Alexander Palace Time Machine - Via a distinguished bit of web design, at this site created by Bob Atchison, you are taken on a tour of Russian palaces and given access to biographies, diaries and all sorts of Romanov memorabilia.

Illustrated History of Russia and the Former USSR - A special section of the remarkable site "All Regions of Russia by Pictures."








Russnet - All about learning Russian, including free audio instruction on the Web.

FREEnet Web and Cyrillic








Russian Philosophy Forum - An Internet resource for discussion, exchange of information, and publication in the field of Russian philosophy. As open as any Internet Newsgroup, the Forum is a service of The Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society (see below).

The Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society - Formed in Moscow in 1991, the Society is an informal group of persons interested in Russian culture and the whole Russian philosophical tradition. It has held many international conferences. Membership is open to any interested persons. Currently the Society maintains a Web group for those interested in Solovyov and his legacy. To subscribe to it send a blank e-mail (no subject or message) to:

    ; to post a message, click





Russian Government Home Page - Mostly in Russian, there's at least one English page where you can e-mail the President!

Russian Embassy - Washington, DC - Provides excellent information on contemporary
society as well as recent and ancient history plus links to news sources, etc.

Mother Russia City Link - Russian Federation social-economic regions in clear, colorful maps, with related information.






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