The Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society

Welcome! The Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society was formed by Russians, Americans and West Europeans in Moscow in 1991. Named after the Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900), it is an informal group of persons interested in Russian culture and in the whole Russian philosophical tradition (not just in the work of Solovyov). We currently have over 150 members in ten countries. You are invited to join us! As of 2000, the Society will function entirely by e-mail, using both e-mail newsletters and a related discussion group.  There are no dues; simply join our e-mail list as described below.  Society information is exchanged primarily by e-mail newsletters, issued several times a year.

Past members who wish to remain active, as of 2000, will have to subscribe to our e-mail list.  Or find a friend who will subscribe for them & pass on hard copy versions of Society newsletters.

The Society has held annual conferences: at Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, 1991; Dartmouth College, 1992; Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, 1993; University of Bergamo, 1994; Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, 1995; University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1998. Its next conference will be at the Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, August 26-30, 2000. The Society's Moscow office is at the Institute of Philosophy (see address below). Affiliated sections of the Society are being formed in other Russian cities. Members are found in over ten countries.


You become a Society member simply by subscribing to its e-mail list. To subscribe send a blank e-mail (no subject or message) to:

To post a message, once you are subscribed, send e-mail to



In October 1995 the Society inaugurated a new Internet resource called:

Through this web site, and its related e-mail lists, anybody interested in Russian philosophy will be able to communicate with anyone who shares this interest. Papers in this field will be published on the Internet via the Forum. Our first two selections are:

The Society's parent organization is The Transnational Institute, a network of groups that have sponsored exchange programs between the United States and Russia since 1981. In November 1995 The Transnational Institute launched an Internet project called Russia on the Web, an access to everything Russian, with special interactive links to the field of Russian culture. This Solovyov Society web page and Russian Philosophy Forum are two of those links!

This Society web page was begun October 18, 1995 and will be continuously updated. Latest update: July 7, 2008

For correspondence our US addresses are:

The Transnational Vladimir Solovyov Society
Clinton C. Gardner, President
Box 710
Norwich, VT 05055 USA

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